We are a biotechnology company that delivers high-quality and safe plant-based medicinal products and by-products from cannabis and other botanicals. We use advanced production technology and a modern and flexible business model to ensure that our products are standardized, certified, efficient, and affordable.

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cannabis strains available on demand

Our strain portfolio has been carefully studied, pre-screened, and selected to provide the best results in patients’ lives. We are committed to delivering high-quality products that can help improve your quality of life.

The future of medicinal cannabis is varietal. Different strains of cannabis contain various levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that may have particular therapeutic effects depending on the ratios of their compounds. For example, some strains may be particularly effective at reducing pain or inflammation, while others may be better for treating anxiety or depression. Additionally, some strains may be more appropriate for certain patient populations.

Therapeutic Potential

Medical cannabis offers a therapeutic potential for the treatments of several pathologies.

Each varietal and by-product in our portfolio have been researched, vetted, and linked to therapeutic effects within the most common ailments treated with medical cannabis.

Our Smart Dry Flower/Flos portfolio offers curated medicinal strains of standardized and certified high/low THC/CBD cannabis.

Our APIs and byproducts line is designed for companies in the pharmaceutical, food & beverages, wellness, and cosmetics industries who are interested in expanding their current offering to the cannabis-derived products segment.

Our magisterial prescriptions and phytomedicines line is designed for doctors and medical institutions interested in alternative, personalized, and affordable treatment options for their patients. We use medical cannabis in our products to provide these options.