About us

We are a multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals with substantial international experience in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, high-end products, and financial services industries focused on creating outstanding plan based projects.

We believe in the potential of cannabis to improve human and animal health. We are committed to conducting rigorous scientific research to understand the efficacy and safety of cannabis-based products. We are also committed to being a responsible and transparent business that positively impacts patients and clients.

Business Model

Our business model is based on science and compliance with the regulatory needs of today’s market. We focus our resources on three main dimensions: product design, raw materials procurement, and marketing and commercialization strategy. We leverage strategic partnerships with key allies in the sourcing of raw materials and the production of final products. By focusing our resources in these areas, we are able to get you the right product for your needs in a continuous and cost-effective manner.


Join us in investing in BLUEDOT
ORGANICS SAS and help us seize the
future of medicinal cannabis.

The global cannabis industry reached an estimated

0 bn

in 2022

The legal market, made of by the Medicinal, Industrial and the Adult Use segments is expected to grow from $20bn in 2020 to $75bn by 2025, and reaching

0 bn

by 2030

An estimated

0 bn

people globally suffer from medical conditions for which cannabis treatments has been proven to have therapeutical benefits.

As the globalization of cannabis continues, the competitive landscape intensifies; developing local markets is key. The Latin America market was estimated at $9 bn, and Colombia’s at

0 mm/year

in 2025

Competitive Edge

Licensed across the complete chain of production

Production, Import, Export - @2560 varieties pre-registered (largest seed bank pre-registered in the country).

Cultivation Psychoactive (THC), for:
Seeds production, Biomass production, Derivatives production, and Scientific purposes.

Cultivation Non-Psychoactive (Hemp), for:
Seed production, Biomass production, Derivatives production, and Scientific purposes.

Production of Derivatives, for:
Local commercialization, Export and Scientific purposes.

Production Infrastructure on the way:• 2 production facilities licensed and sourced (3.3 acres owned by BDO, and 150 acres under a contingent lease contract).• Initial design and permits for land usage obtained.

Agreements in place for the manufacturing and distribution of compounding prescriptions and dermocosmetics (Colombia and the USA) and licensing of end and B2B products for distribution in Latam.

• Strategic alliances for the supply of compliant raw and packaging materials in place.• 3 commercial product lines under development.


BDO has been designed to navigate complex economic and regulatory challenges; its compact organizational structure allows it to produce added value in a manageable and controlled environment. The operation size, infrastructure and management team, have been diligently orchestrated to create a highly efficient business model capable to grow as demand solidifies, but big enough to be disruptive in local and international markets.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Rationale: Studies have concluded that patients between 18 and 54 years old want alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals and 75% of them are interested in medical cannabis.